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Wellness Wednesday

Movement, at the most basic level, is an act of changing physical location. There may be some of you absolutely crushing this every single day. DON'T STOP. For those of you that haven't incorporated movement into your daily wellness routine. DO IT. It doesn't need to be extraordinary. You just have to start. Commit to 3 purposeful movements each week. Wellness is a journey. Find some movement that you enjoy. For me (as weird as it sounds) movement with a large pack on with some weight and the dog. For you, it may be Crossfit, bodybuilding, shed hunting, or yoga. It's all practice. Commit to practice. Give yourself some compassion and grace, get back on the proverbial bike and get moving.

If you are well versed in movement I'd challenge you to find something that makes you uncomfortable. You're in the 1000 pound club but lack flexibility. Hot Yoga. Trust me. Humble Pie. If you've never tried to ruck, throw a backpack on and get three miles in. Be intentional. Have purpose. Be mindful when you're conducting these movements. Be Present.

To my "I work insert construction/factory/labor" here.. Perspective matters. You do have a tough job, and you do have very few hours in the day. But you are up and moving daily. You're already steps ahead. Perspective matters. You get your daily movement in and get paid to do it. That's pretty cool. Fun fact, when I worked for a solid waste company, I loved getting out of the office and riding routes with my guys and moving trash cans all over the place. Set a 10K step goal. I bet you're close already. #paidworkout

Have a great week everybody!


P.S. We have some really cool hunts coming up... Colorado and New Mexico! (WHHHAAAAAAAA) We will be announcing those in the coming weeks. If you can, please donate utilizing the button below. Every penny helps us execute.

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