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This part of the transition is rarely talked about. Everybody says plan, focus on a new career, focus on education. Let's take a step back and think about what/who is at the centre of all of those new and exciting things? YOU. You being the most valuable piece. What do YOU want to do? Not what some TAPS class instructor told you to do, not what your MOS or job dictates, not “this is all I know….” What is it that YOU the Veteran, YOU the Police Officer leaving the streets want to do? - Give that some thought. Envision it. What brings you peace and happiness?

Let's discuss another portion of this. The V.A. while they have room for improvement that is for sure, you need to GO GET YOUR RATING! This will not hinder your job hunt process, this will not affect your Police Department background check, no it does not affect your security clearance. You won’t be looked down upon. Speaking from hard-learned experiences start now. If you are still in, obtain copies of your medical records. Ensure aliments/and injuries are properly documented and examined by a doctor. Yes, I know, you may not need it right now, or ever. But better to have it and not need it, than need it and not it. Also, explore the benefits of the VA benefits that are available to you. We always talk about setting someone up for success. SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS!

If you need help, ASK! (see Transition Tip #1)

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