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Transition Tip Tuesday


Transition Tip Tuesday:

It doesn’t matter if you did 4 years in, or 20 years, worked the streets as a police officer or fought wildfires. Leaving military/public service can be difficult.


Whatever you want to call it, find someone who has been there done it and got a t-shirt. You didn’t just leave home one day, and now you’re an E-8 with 21 years of service. You had mentors/guides/coaches along the way. Transition is no different.

Finding a Coach/Mentor/Guide sooner rather than later (18-24 months) out could provide you with some valuable insight on what went right for them and definitely learn the "what not to do's." Also, when you are looking for someone to help you navigate this, make sure they have done it successfully. Following bad advice can cause more harm than good, and the beauty of transition; you get to decide what success looks like. If you don't know anyone who fits this category. Reach out to us here. We got you.

Start to define what YOUR SUCCESS looks like.

See you on the mountain, Logan

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