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Tech Tip - Tuesday

Clearly not every single bowhunter lives in house with a giant backyard, or a range right down the street. So how do we practice drawing our bows with limited space, with Elk season quickly approaching! Its like next month! In the famous words of Robin Williams, "WHAT YEAR IS IT!"

Seriously I have no idea where the summer went, and frankly I'm okay with that. The death ball of fire in the sky has been trying to kill us with fire, I'm convinced. Ready for some cooler days that is for sure.

So, what about that bowhunter that lives in an apartment, or doesn't have the space to work on drawing back in various positions. While I was scrolling another site, I came across a solution and thought I'd share it with S.C.O. nation.

Velcro Easy


Velcro Easy! Now I know this sounds insane because we aren't supposed to draw our bows back without an arrow nock'd. I hear ya. But this little sucker eliminates the threat of your release having a malfunction or ya know, you squeezing that trigger and now you have a blown-up bow and your season is over before it began.

Simply attach the carabiner to the d-loop and you're ready to roll, your pets and dry wall and possibly your neighbor will thank you.

For less than 8 bucks you can work on building up that muscle memory, your strength and your technique with limited space. I thought this idea was genius. Made it easy for y'all and added the link above. Go grab one and start working!

See you on the Mountain!

- Logan

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