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S.C.O. Intro

It's funny as young men and women within our community, we become comfortable with the idea of death. We become intimately familiar with it. We begin to romanticize the idea of death, even our own at times. Some of us have even become comfortable with being dealers of death when we haven't even found a reason to truly live yet. We become lost in our thoughts of the meaning of death. It's heroic. Why him or her? Why did they go and not me? What am I even doing here? Can I win this fight?

Many of us face an uphill battle when we get home. Whether it's from a deployment, end of active service, working a shift on the street, or a roll on a wildfire or anything in-between. We were trained to do our job. And we've done them well. But we weren't trained to cope with and understand the hardships of our jobs. And that's okay. Because as a community, we've already won many fights together. We can win this one.

When we become uncomfortable and chase our passion and our dreams, that's when we begin to understand the idea of life. And what its' truly about. How far can I push myself? How deep can I go? How high can I climb? How many lives can I impact and not in a negative way but in a genuinely positive way? That's when we begin to live. And we must continue to chase life over every ridge, through every swamp, in the heat, and in the cold in pursuit of truly living, in the pursuit of our passions. We are Veterans, we are First Responders, and we are hunters.

This is our story.

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